How To Care For Your Backyard Birds During The Cold Weather

Caring for backyard birds in winter is crucial as they need extra energy to stay warm. By providing unfrozen water and high-calorie foods like suet and sunflower seeds, you create a vital refuge from the harsh conditions.

Water availability is as critical as food. A heated bird bath ensures water doesn't freeze and helps birds conserve energy for warmth, not just survival, making your backyard a crucial winter haven.

Switch to energy-rich foods during colder months. Offer suet, peanuts, and black oil sunflower seeds to help birds maintain their body heat. These high-fat foods are essential for their survival through winter.

Provide shelter with roosting boxes or utilize natural covers like dense shrubbery to protect birds from cold winds and predators. Adequate shelter is paramount for birds to safely roost and conserve heat overnight.

Keep an eye on bird activity and maintain the cleanliness of feeders and baths to prevent disease. Regularly refresh food and water supplies to ensure your backyard remains a safe and supportive environment all winter long.